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Readings (Apr 22 - Apr 28, 2018)

Apr 25, Wed Blogs on recent CV Apr 26, Thu Chrisy in our lab defended her thesis today and that was such a great talk!

Readings (Apr 1 - Apr 7, 2018)

Apr 1, Sun Unbelievably productive day, not in terms of my research output but of my input. Teach at our study group: MLAPP(4.1 & 4.3) Richard Murray's

Readings (Mar 25-31, 2018)

Mar 26, Mon Damage Control: The Essential Lessons of Crisis Management (Chapter 1-6) In light of my coming internship at Uber ATG, and the recent PR crisis faced by Uber

Test of syntax highlighting

# Python Program for recursive binary search. # Returns index of x in arr if present, else -1 def binarySearch (arr, l, r, x): # Check base case if r >= l: mid

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